PcFree has many years of experience in wireless coverage solutions, which includes Office WIFI coverage, shopping mall wireless coverage, hotel wireless coverage. In the meantime, we also launched the cloud wireless management security solution.

Privately owned 360 wireless access, small AP, and rogue AP has largely threatened corporate information security. Especially, personal terminals such as smart phones, tablet PCs has also put up a lot of pressure on corporate wireless management.




So how do we resolve these problems? PcFree introduced WIPS in the wireless security program. Comparing the wired defense system IPS, WIPS refers to wireless intrusion prevention system. The built-in wireless defense technology will prevent network from threats and intrusion.



WIPS automatically blocks any unauthorized connection requests, and the local networks are protected from wireless threats. Even it is an authorized AP, it will be blocked before being properly configured.



Authorized users can only connect with authorized AP. Any attempting connection to authorized client port from rogue client port from rogue AP and external client will be blocked automatically. External client can choose to get connected to an external AP.



WIPS ensures the wireless environment safety all day and all night. It can achieve timely detection on non-trusted AP or privately accessed AP with accurate positioning and complete blocking. It can apply each AP with different firewall policies and combine a variety of enterprise-level authorized login (802.1x, WeChat, text messages, web pages, etc), completely eradicate the threat by WIF password leakage.



Below are a few number of brands run by PcFree: