IPPBX Overview

The IPBX is an open-standard and full-featured IP PBX platform, which compiles with standard telecom signaling and SIP stack 2.0. This open standard allows users to pick from a multitude of compliant applications and appliances (IP Adaptor, IPPhone, softphone) from third party vendors as long as they follow the open standard. It guarantees the user the most cost-effective applications for enterprise telephony system.

The coming of IPPBX V3.0 unified enterprise communications platform is to say farewell to the traditional integrated "converged communication", allow enterprises to fully enjoy the wonderful performance of this new converged communication. This allows users to have a new converged communication experience by integrating communications concepts into all aspects of IPPBX V3.0.

Comparing with the previous generation IPPBX2.0, IPPBX V3.0 system has a new structure, adds more unique features and applications, pays more attention to the applications of IP converged communication field of enterprises, also retains the advantages of previous generation. IPPBX V3.0 not only provides video and audio communication within the internal extension and remote extension, but also combines the online meeting and voice conferencing. It achieves the electronic fax, instant messaging, online meetings, mobile terminal and a number of business modules. In regards to IP interruption during the remote networking, it provides a smart escape terminal TBox, which will solve the possible disconnection problems in distant and central networks. This will give the great protection on the stability of corporate communications.

While the users are enjoying the pleasant experience of converged communication, IPPBX V3.0 makes BYOD (Bring Your Own Device / bring your own equipment) into the office a reality.




Advanced Concepts

IPPBX V3.0 adopts the latest IP voice technology, it is a new generation All in One Box communication products based on TCP/IP technology, which integrates IPPBX, IVR, TBox, Auto Provision (automatic configuration issued), IM (instant messaging), online conferencing, electronic fax and other functions. This achieves the real meaning of "All in One Box".


Flexible Networking

IPPBX V3.0 has a very flexible networking application, between IPPBX and IPPBX, between IPPBX and traditional PBX, and the establishment of corporate internal communications platform. IPPBX system can achieve a number of complex communication tasks through IP network in a variety of network environment.

Supporting remote users can use all the functions of central IPPBX system through local TBox; TBox also provides basic internal communication and external communication functions performed by local lines when failures come up in distant and central networks.


Virtualization deployment

IPPBX V3.0 supports virtual machine deployment mode, lowers IT investment cost and reduces maintenance difficulty, and improves maintenance efficiency.



Based on Centos operating system, IPPBX V3.0 enterprise communications products have passed a long period of stability test, is able to operate stably at a fixed load in a long period time, this maximum ensures the product’s operation.

Support HA (High Availability) deployment, when the host system has exceptions, the system will quickly switch to the backup system, so the current system will remain uninterrupted.


Better Usability

IPPBX V3.0 has an intuitive Web management / configuration page; and the human-oriented menu design. It allows users to have more convenient and efficient control over the entire system, even ensures all configuration and maintenance of the system by the non-IT professionals.



IPPBX V3.0 uses software licenses to control the system's capacity, can easily achieve the re-expansion of the system.



IP PBX V3.0 supports system docking with IP communications systems of a variety of enterprises, such as: Cisco Call Manager, Microsoft Lync; it supports the soft switch with many mainstream softwares, such as: Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel and others; supports the system docking with NGN or IMS; also supports seamless docking with non-traditional PBX. This in turn allows users to deploy IPPBX V3.0 products without adjusting the existing large area network (or without adjustment).

Meanwhile, IPPBX V3.0 supports standard SIP protocol (supports UDP / TCP SIP protocol), can achieve interoperability with a variety of SIP terminal equipments.


Personalized Voice Call Application

IVR Voice: it supports auto attendant / multi-level IVR voice / time-phased IVR voice, enhances corporate brand image and operational efficiency.

Video call: Enjoy live experience by face to face.

Radio / intercom: support direct dialogue between any party and all the other employees or employees of different departments by broadcast intercom call, enjoy the direct voice communication without off-hook action.

Multi-party call: while two parties are in the call, it can invite a third party to join the dialogue between two parties by pressing the corresponding function key, this will largely improve the communication quality and efficiency.

Call Recording: support recording function during the dialogue

Group Ring / Polling Ring: when calling a department, you can set up simultaneous ringing or polling ringing for all the members of this specific department, anyone within this department picks up the phone, the ring will stop. It will enhance the service efficiency of customer service department.


Convenient Remote Mobile Application

Remote Extension: Support remote registering the remote telephone to the system, this remote telephone then can be used as internal extension. By reducing the long distance as zero, it achieves the real meaning of mobile officing.

Voicemail: without additional hardware investment, each extension has a personalized voice mail, get to your voicemail through email or telephone, gives a great efficiency at work.

DISA feature: staffs who are on business trip can make an outward call through IP PBX V3.0 by password authorization. The outward calling will display the number of the company.


 Advanced Telephone Meeting Application

Without additional equipment investment, IPPBX V3.0 can achieve telephone meeting function, support adavanced conference management functions (conference recording, meeting invitation, conference control, etc.)


 Route Planning Application

In order to reduce maintenance difficulty of IPPBX V3.0 routing modules, system supports department routing and membership routing.

Department routing: No need to set up outbound routing rules for each member of the department, by setting up the department routing rule will complete the routing settings of all the members of the department.

Members routing: If one member needs not to use the same routing as the department, the system supports a single outbound routing fucntion for this member.


Interoperability with Microsoft Lync

IPPBX V3.0 supports seamless docking between IP TCP transport mode and Microsoft Lync, it shares Lync features.


Smart Terminal (TBox)

For users, smart terminal (TBox) is not just a value-added feature provided IPPBX V3.0, it is more like a miniature IPPBX for remote users. It improves the corporate communications stability, allows users experience the converged communications by IPPBX V3.0 to a great extent.

Through smart terminal (TBox), remote users are able to use all the features of the central system. Upon the exceptional conditions of central network, TBox is still able to provide basic internal communication functions and perform outbound and inbound communication features via local lines.


 Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has been one of the favorite communication tools nowadays. It can easily provides the most simple and efficient office collaboration. The design of IM chat communication function is more focused on achieving unified communication application within an enterprise.

IM chat has an intuitive and simple management interface, supports text chat, file transfer, voice communication, video communication, remote collaboration, desktop sharing, group functions and many other rich instant messaging features. It allows more diversified and flexible internal communication within enterprise, which in turn achieves the converged communication in the reality.


Paperless Fax

Paperless office has become a new trend for the future office; this is where IPPBX V3.0 paperless fax comes in.

With IPPBX V3.0, you do not need the traditional fax machine, just by one click on the computer, you are able to send and receive fax. It supports sending and receiving fax file preview, fax to E-Mail (PDF format), sending fax, page fax management and other related functions.


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