Information Technology Outsourcing (IT Outsourcing) refers to outsourcing all or parts of IT functions to an external party. It is a subset of business process outsourcing (BPO). The reasons for IT outsourcing include lack of resources and cost reduction. By integrating the external IT resources, companies are able to reduce cost, improve efficiency, give a full play to their core strength and enhance their competitiveness.  




IT outsourcing is introduced as a strategic necessity to reduce cost, enhance the core strength and competitiveness



Flexible operation, efficient fund usage, strengthen core business




IT outsourcing service in the world

IT outsourcing is a globalized process, it has become a common business mode in many international companies, especially a long term integrated outsourcing service. 


IT outsourcing service in China

Data by China's domestic authority CCID Consulting shows, China BPO (business process outsourcing) industry will keep increasing at an average annual rate of 39% in the next five years. It indicates that the outsourcing industry in China is in a soaring golden period. According to a recent survey by CCID, many Chinese companies have begun to accept the IT outsourcing service. Among the surveyed companies, 27.5% of the company's IT department is responsible for all the integrated development business, 45.2% of the company's IT department is responsible for part of the integrated development of the business, 79.6% of the company's IT department is responsible for the company's operations and maintenance. As technology continues to be specialized, many companies choose to force on their core own business instead of covering all the business operations on their own. Survey result also finds that 43.8% of companies demands for IT outsourcing service. That is to say, China's IT outsourcing market has great potential for development.