* * clothing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Denmark)
  Main business: clothing brand store management (the world's top ten)
  Case: from the beginning to the end. PcFree was involved in the whole process of the IT consulting and IT construction.
  Proof : Mr Liu (Manager)


  Main business: import and export of textiles
  Case: Mail server problem with server located in Hongkong, office in Mainland was unable to receive the emails. With years of experiences, PcFree solved the problem and signed up the outsourcing contract.
  Solution:Set up from Shanghai to Hongkong VPN channel, applied to the company's internal ERP system (using PIX CISCO 506 &515)
  Proof: CINDY


  ROPE CONSULTING GROUP * * * * * * * (Holland owned)
  Main business: management consulting
  Case: IT outsourced to other company, but service quality was not so satisfactory. Tried emergency IT outsourcing service by PcFree, eventually switched the contract with PcFree

        Proof: JOHN


  American * * group company Shanghai Representative Office (American owned)

  Main business: import and export trade
  Case: database server set up, ERP software maintenance
  Proof: Manager Yang



* ** ** * PRIME (American owned)
  Main business: insurance consulting
  Case: mail server problem, has been successfully resolved.
  Proof: DAVID


  * ** ** *PRECISION TRADING CO. LTD (Jiabao, Germany)
  Main business: import and export of machinery
  Case: Overall IT outsourcing, under implementation  

        Proof: Supervisor Wu


  Main business: heat pump manufacturing
  Case: Overall IT outsourcing, set up
VPN from Ningbo to Shanghai (using ROUTER VIGOR)
  Proof: SYLVIA


  Main business: clean room material
  Case: ERP system problems,
it was caused by SERVER SQL virus. Problem solved, data loss avoided.  
  Proof: JOHN


  * * Architectural Decoration Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Taiwan )
  Main business: interior, and shop decoration design
  Case: the design and the maintenance of the company's internal network
  Proof : Miss Wang


* * Cultural Development Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  Main business: video advertising design
  Case: the maintenance of the company's internal LAN
  Proof : Miss Ye