First, service provider should have the successful cases to prove that it has the capability of operation and management.

Secondly, service provider should have relevant knowledge about customer’s industry, and be able to come up with the good solutions.

Thirdly, service provider should have a strong capability in system integration. Does it have long-term business capacity? Is it in line with local and global resources providers? Does it have advanced technology base and detailed plan?


Furthermore, in order to achieve the best results, business should be clear with the following points prior to the contract with service providers:


  • Establish your own goals, do an in-deep evaluation before outsourcing. Establish a long-term and easier controlled business outsourcing scope rather than a rush decision.
  • Choose a more practical service provider, who’s more experienced in this field. Is service provider able to complete the whole project or just part of it? More importantly, does the service provider know much about your industry and have the strategic objectives?
  • Maintain a mutual beneficial relationship with service provider.


There are different types of service provider among market, businesses should choose carefully based on their own needs and business scale.

Small Service Company with less than 5 people, mainly conduct hardware and single PC repair, charge less, lack of technical standards and standardization knowledge, suitable for businesses with less demand in IT area.

National level service companies have their own branches in the big cities; they have unified support and service, suitable for businesses that also have branches among the country. However, the weakness is the quality control of the service among their branches.

Multinational service companies normally charge higher fees due to their standardized operation and management.

Local service companies in general have the large-scale effects in certain city or region (i.e. PcFree). They have strengths in standardized services and knowledge on local culture which will contribute to a rather smooth operation and management.


PcFree recommend you should consider the following points when choosing a service provider:


The main business scope of service provider

Is the main business the IT outsourcing service? Or just domain name registration, website construction, computer sales or integrated cabling? Is this service provider able to provide the integrated and comprehensive service?


Sustainability of the service provider

Has this service provider survived in the market more than 5 years? Such companies should have taken certain market share, and should be capable of operating continuously. Always choose a long-term cooperation partner as your fist priority.


Business premise of service provider

By visiting the business premise of service provider, will help you jump out the pricing circle and find a suitable service provider. A suitable service provider will always help you to be more competitive, efficient and sustainable.