VPN Definition

VPN, a.k.a. “Virtual Private Network” so called virtual enterprise intra network. Through a special encrypted telecommunication agreement, build up a specialized telecommunication line between two or more intranets located in different places. It does not require physically building up an optic fiber line; either needs construction fees, or purchasing hardware equipment such as router. VPN technology is one of most important technologies of router. Currently, switch, firewall or WINDOWS 2000 software all support VPN function. In one word, the core of VPN is to build up virtual private network through public network.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is defined as a temporary and secure connection established through a public network (usually the internet), it’s like a safe and stable tunnel through a chaos public network. Virtual Private Network is an extension of the intranet. It can help to establish a reliable and secured connection and ensure the security of data transmission between the company’s internal network and the remote users、company branches、business partners and suppliers. VPN can be used as a secure connection for growing numbers of mobile users’ global internet connection; it can also help to achieve a secure communication between company intranets and provide a secure and cost-effective connection between business partners and customers’ extranets.



VPN Solution

Based on the different requirements,there are three VPN solutions:Access VPNIntranet VPN&Extranet VPN, each of these three types of VPN are corresponding to the traditional remote accessible network、the intranet and extranet between companies and their associated partners’ networks.


Demand for VPN

Many companies, especially large organizations now have a common challenge that is the access to the company’s resources from different locations. These company resources include office OA、 EPR systems、CRM systems、project management systems. VPN is a solution by establishing this long-distance secured network connection.

For companies who are looking to provide a secured network infrastructure for its client base, VPN offers several advantages over alternative technologies, particularly the benefits for wireless local area networking.

Virtual Private Network helps to eliminate the expense of long-distance leased lines; reduce long-distance telephone charges and offload support costs.

VPN will ensure the network scalability by simply tapping in the public lines and network capability readily available. This will simultaneously simplify network design and management, and accelerate the connection speed between new client and the website.


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