Desktop Management System Software

Client Security Agent is based on the ideas of asset management、terminal application、application monitoring and auditing analysis, deploy on each computer terminal in the whole network, through the consistent use of security policy, in order to achieve unified management.


Basic function modulessystem configuration management、terminal control、terminal firewall、program restriction、mobile storage limits、anti-virus interaction、patch/software distribution
Security enhancement modulesmandatory registry settings and protection、background service process control、Trojan defense、WSUS(Microsoft patch management program)linkage
Enhanced access modulesillegal terminal access control、terminal flaw detect、software strategy linkage
Management enhancement modulesasset management、equipment &printer restriction、network topology management
Outreach expansion modulesnetwork connection admission control、 black &  white list restrictions、web content & email filtering

Network Security Software
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Monitoring and backup all the website、emails、dialogue journal、transferred files etc, and it can be viewed at any time.Prohibit browsing of designated sites and sending email to designated addresses; disable chat software and file transfer functions. It will prevent the external leakage to certain extent. It can also increase the efficiency at workplace by prohibiting the use of P2P downloading software, streaming media、internet broadcasting software、internet games、stock exchange software etc.  Each employee’s internet access level can be set up at different levels. A detailed statistical report on the employee’s internet access will be generated as a basis for staff appraisal.




Why internet management?



  • Regulate internet behavior
  • High efficiency at workplace
  • High internet access speed
  • Good bandwidth allocation
  • Anti-virus
  • Network Management


With the rapid development of Internet, Internet behavior management has been put on agenda. It can be used on web filtering、bandwidth management、traffic control、information outgoing monitoring (the monitoring capacity on Email、Webmail、BBS、IM etc).


Networks are penetrated into every corner of our lives, network management, are you ready?


Application of internet management



In China, employees spend up to 5.6hours on their private issues, almost more than 1 hour per day; Around 60% employees browsing personal emails during the office hours. Businesses are facing more threats and network attacks due to 83% of people at middle-level management browsing non-work related websites during the office hours.


There are 8% more than other countries employees in China spend time in chat rooms during working hours; 16% more than Latin-American download music; while 12% more than other regions play online games.

Interestingly, employees in China spend more than 7.6hours on QQ \ MSN and other IM software, games, p2p software, or mobile media than employees in other regions.

Corporate network security is facing big threats including large number of virus and Trojan horse program. In the past year, the number of instant message attack has increased significantly, which is up to 1500%.