Product Description





 A Highly-integrated and Full-featured EPR Product

YiZhu ERP covers five management areas which are financial management, inventory management, production management, customer relationship management (CRM), decision support system. It has a total of 17 modules, not only full-featured functional, but also highly integrated. It fully integrates the product flow, Logistics, capital flow, information flow within a business.  It is a set of complete ERP products with rapid implementation and user-friendly operation.


Application Features

      1.       Intelligence

        Intelligent, proactive messaging management tools


        Message Functions

The internal group message function can be provided through the system. In particular, a job program can be attached while sending the message and the recipient is able to directly run the job in the received message. In addition, a document in a job program run by one user can be sent to the other user via message, and the other user is able to continue on the same job program.


      Pending List and Alerts

During the trivial daily works, a memorandum can be set out by customizing your “to-do list”;  also through the "Tips Wizard" function, the system will initiative the reminders to all the users, including : shipped orders, overdue purchase orders, unrecoverable loan items such management of unusual conditions. It can also set the reminder to the users for some periodic reports, which effectively prevents manual work negligence and enhance the comprehensive benefits of enterprise management.


       Intelligent and Flexible Self-Defined Operation

A lot of personalized requirements are needed in the actual operation. YiZhu ERP provides personalized settings for operating menu, document display screen, document fields, document printing format, report printing format, and so on; it can also customize query plan for a variety of basic information, transaction documents and reports. For those enterprises  who require special and temporary statements, data needs often cannot be satisfied quickly and effectively, YiZhu report generator allows users to flexibly design their own reports and facilitate users to quickly extract the data into useful information.

        2.       User Friendly

YiZhu ERP built-in on-line wizard can guide the users complete the preparatory work according to the on-line wizard.  Without special training, you can easily get started.

Data accuracy is particularly important in information management; mistaken data will mislead management and the decision makers. YiZhu ERP system health check wizard will effectively improve the accuracy of the data which in turn avoids human error and the decision-making mistakes.


           The Job Wizard

Windows installation wizard,  through the guided map screen, a lot of procedural operations in the system, such as: inventory operations, material requirements calculation, costing ... ... and other routine operating procedures,  are guided step by step to the users, it ensures the easy and correct job completion.


        Document check

YiZhu ERP provides the fast entry of documents and document check function, it significantly enhance the coherence of information in the operation process and strengthen the efficiency of organizational synergy.


        Advanced Window Query

It provides high-level query function for the document entry operation; users can filter the eligible information according the field or set up the query plan according to different usage habits or business needs, so that the data can be accessed more conveniently and quickly.

        Multi-dimensional report analysis

YiZhu ERP report query function provides users with arbitrary filtering, sorting, grouping summary and other functions to increase the convenience of data reading and effectiveness, thereby enhancing the efficiency of decision-making and management.

        Multiple report output formats

The report generated can be saved as Word, Excel in order to facilitate data mining and drilling, the report can also be stored as graphics, and send to the relevant customers or vendors via emails.


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